Thursday, April 21, 2011

Harper Mae Hamblin!

Jessica was due April 20th and i got to go with her to find out what she was having because Shane had to work. That was the most exciting thing when i got to see that little baby on the screen! Ever since we knew she was having a girl we have been getting so excited and ready for everything. My horrible shopping habbits got even worse if you could imagine that!

This sunday 4/17/11 Jessica went into labor so i hurried up there then we just sat and waited for a few hours. Jessica had the nurse check her at 7:52 PM she was at a 7 you have to be at a 10 to have the baby so me and my mom left to go get some dinner thinking it would be at least an hour or so. we got downstairs Shane called us and by the time my mom got back into the room Harper Mae Hamblin was born at 7:57! It was so exciting she is just the most beautiful thing ever. I love all my nieces and nephews and am so happy im always able to be there when they arrive!

I love you Harper!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hellllo again!

I feel like its crazy that i have not been on here in so long, well i was never really good about it but it is my new goal to be! Soooo to get updated on the life of Catherine i have this boyfriend Jake he is amazing. We have been dating eight months and that is a little crazy to me but i love being with him!

Now i am working as a massage therapist at White lotus Salon. It is a lot of fun and the girls are super nice its just not my dream job to put it in a nutshell haha But some really rewarding things come out of it! Plus brought back my love for massage.

As of now i think thats all that is new with me but i will be back!