Tuesday, July 13, 2010

oh hell. i got in a wreck.

Sooo. I have been trying to blog about my crash and since i have nothing to do most the time you would think that would be pretty easy. But it is not easy to talk about my feelings especially about this.

This is hard for me, my crash. Handling it is not easy. I dont know what to do or say or how i should feel. Sooo a lot of the time i joke about it, laugh it off. But recently my eyes were opened. I AM GOING TO BE OKAY.

I know this may sound silly but people were always saying wow god must have saved you for a reason and that scared me so bad to think there was a reason. I shouldnt think like that. God saved me i need to make the most of it!

My heavenly father has helped me sooo much through this. At first i couldn't sleep no matter how hard i tried. I learned that if i read my scriptures and say my prayers if puts me fast asleep. I think this wreck was supposed to happen. It was some sort of wake up call. Not just for me but other people too. It truely has helped me out so much in getting to know me and what i want. Who my true friends are and what i want and need in life. My bar has officially been set higher for who i want to be and who i want to meet.

I always have and always will think the world of my family the are the best! This crash has made me have such a love for them and i am so thankful for all they did for me! And all my friends too, i appreciate everything all the texts comments and especially the prayers.

It took this long for me to start being possitive, almost two months. To be happy and to stop crying at night, wondering why me? This has brought trials in my life but way more blessings. Heavenly Father wouldn't put me through this if i could not make it. Sooo here i go, I am going to make it!