Thursday, September 16, 2010

new car!!

I got a new car!! I love it:) i went three months without a car and the whole search was not fun! I got it off Craigslist and I wasn't expecting to get a scion at all but I saw a picture of it and feel in love! :) it makes me happy and im so glad to have a car again!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

oh hell. i got in a wreck.

Sooo. I have been trying to blog about my crash and since i have nothing to do most the time you would think that would be pretty easy. But it is not easy to talk about my feelings especially about this.

This is hard for me, my crash. Handling it is not easy. I dont know what to do or say or how i should feel. Sooo a lot of the time i joke about it, laugh it off. But recently my eyes were opened. I AM GOING TO BE OKAY.

I know this may sound silly but people were always saying wow god must have saved you for a reason and that scared me so bad to think there was a reason. I shouldnt think like that. God saved me i need to make the most of it!

My heavenly father has helped me sooo much through this. At first i couldn't sleep no matter how hard i tried. I learned that if i read my scriptures and say my prayers if puts me fast asleep. I think this wreck was supposed to happen. It was some sort of wake up call. Not just for me but other people too. It truely has helped me out so much in getting to know me and what i want. Who my true friends are and what i want and need in life. My bar has officially been set higher for who i want to be and who i want to meet.

I always have and always will think the world of my family the are the best! This crash has made me have such a love for them and i am so thankful for all they did for me! And all my friends too, i appreciate everything all the texts comments and especially the prayers.

It took this long for me to start being possitive, almost two months. To be happy and to stop crying at night, wondering why me? This has brought trials in my life but way more blessings. Heavenly Father wouldn't put me through this if i could not make it. Sooo here i go, I am going to make it!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My mommma.

For anyone who knows my mom they know how great she is, of coarse.

Butt i just have to brag about her a little bit.

My mom is the most BEAUTIFUL person ever.

She has the most amazing smile . She wears little makeup and looks gorgeous. She is always tanner then me which isn't fair. She is always skinnier than me which isn't fair. She is always has style while wearing my clothes of coarse. Jessica and i always say we are glad we have a cute mom!

My mom is the most SELFLESS person ever.

Coming home from a long day at work she called a lady in my ward who is going through a hard trial and asked if she could bring her dinner the sister said yes and my mom whipped up some yummy dinner to take them.

Once she got there the sister was looking at cakes to buy for her daughters birthday on the internet. My mom asked why she wasn't just making them she replied i have no time for making cakes. So after a few seconds of debating they let my mom make a birthday cake for her.

So she went right home and made the best cupcakes ever from scratch and homemade frosting. she is the bomb.

My mom is the FUNNIEST person ever.

She is a nut thats pretty much all there is too it. She makes me laugh every day and most the time its for the silliest reasons. I have learned from her when times get hard learn to laugh!

My mom is the most AMAZING person ever.

Sometimes its scary how much we are alike but i have learned to accept it! She has been through so much and always comes out of her heartaches with a smile on her face and God by her side. Through everything she has taught me to stay close to the church and everything will work out. Im so greatful to have such an amazing mom!!

Happy Mothers Day!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Im full of surprises!

So Becky, Jake and i decided to take a roadtrip to utah! I was so excited to go see all my Utah girls!
I kept it a surprise which was hard to do, but seeing them made it so worth it!
Saturday we went to the zoo and had a blast its always fun to be with my girls!
Nikki is such a good little momma, we always have so much fun!
Friday night i surprised Jen i was so sad we didnt ever take a picture but we had so much fun together! I love her:)

That weekend aj graduated from BYU so congrats to him! The nielsons were there and i owe a thank you to them for all that they took me to do! THANK YOU!!
I am so lucky i got to go up, i will be back soon and cant wait to spend more time with everyone!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I did it!

So i have tried to deny it as long as i can but its just time to admit it..

Im a shopaholic.. A hardcore shopaholic.

At the begining of March i made a goal not to spend money on any clothes shoes or accesories for the whole month..

One month thats easy right? Thirty-one days... Seven-hundred and fourty-four hours....

I found myself wanting to shop all the time. I had a date i wanted a new shirt, I had my moms birthday party i wanted a new shirt, and when i needed cheering up I WANTED A NEW SHIRT.

But i did it! It's now april first and i am going to go get a new shirt!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

crapin fun.

So to start off springbreak i thought i would give myself a little project.... at the end of the day i realized how in over my head i was. But oh well, I had fun! this is what my bathroom turned into i think it looks quite nice!

The shower curtain was a little trickey, at one point i thought no i knew it was going to be perfect and i was sooo excited!

Then it was too short... of coarse!

But it turned out okay! i love it. i also think it looks better in person!
The plastic shower curtain buttons on the back! (by the way i made this up!)

New hooks on the wall!

I covered all the baskets with matching material and painted!

Ta da!! IM DONE! well for now.. I had so much fun doing this, after the first night i was sure i was in way over my head but it turned out looking good! Jessica helped me paint my mom helped me iron and barry hung things for me! Thanks for all the help! I even feel cuter when i get ready in there now because it is so cute around me!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Aunt Catherine!

I love tons of people in this big world but no one comes close to my nieces and nephews! I would do anything for these little sweethearts. I have been there when all five of them were born, and saying i adore them all is an understatement! Don't get me wrong they arent angels all the time but thats why i love them so much. Here are the little monsters!

Mayli Ann Nielson

This little angel got me through my roughest times. She is the smartest little girl and I am amazed by her daily. Chasing her around and loving on her is the best.

Tori Lynn Nielson

She is my little bud im not quite sure how it happened but one day we just clicked, she calls me her best friend:) Her sweet voice cheers me up anyday!

Jaxen Ivan Hancock

This boy can make me laugh whenever i see him. He is so cute and everyone agrees! He just started to learn how to shout and he is pretty amazed with his voice and i am too!

Cash Nikolaus Hamblin-

This little minner is so darn cute! he is such a giggly happy baby and everytime i see him it makes my day! He is growing up so fast but he will always be my little man!

Zoe Jane Nielson-
Baby zoe is so precious! She is the best baby i have ever been around and just has such a sweet spirit! I am so sad they live so far from me!
To sum it up im the luckiest aunt ever!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day.. BLAH

This valentines day was amazing.
I went and saw the movie valentines day with my girls friday night and then saturday spent the day with my amazing family playing the wii and shopping! Then that night got my dance on, and a little something special.

Every Valentines Day B-man (Barry) gets the girls in the house a carmel apple.

Not just any carmel apple the most amazing carmel apple EVER.

Yesterday i was sitting in my bathroom and was like man i cant wait for my carmel apple! My mom looked at me and said about that.. Barry forgot to order them this year. That was a bigger heart break to me than being alone on Valentines day.

B-man never lets us down though called and talked to the lady about how we were going to kill him, he just needed these carmel apples. So she agreed to set some aside for him. Saturday he drove all the way to Phoenix to get them, he is too good to us!

Oh yes, i also woke up to this!

My mom thinks she is so funny....She is:)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


How my Blog got its name.. F'real shakes! only the greatest things ever.
Well i am constintly looking at my familys blogs and reading everything so today i thought what the heck! I will make one for me! I dont know how well this will work but i will give it a try!