Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day.. BLAH

This valentines day was amazing.
I went and saw the movie valentines day with my girls friday night and then saturday spent the day with my amazing family playing the wii and shopping! Then that night got my dance on, and a little something special.

Every Valentines Day B-man (Barry) gets the girls in the house a carmel apple.

Not just any carmel apple the most amazing carmel apple EVER.

Yesterday i was sitting in my bathroom and was like man i cant wait for my carmel apple! My mom looked at me and said about that.. Barry forgot to order them this year. That was a bigger heart break to me than being alone on Valentines day.

B-man never lets us down though called and talked to the lady about how we were going to kill him, he just needed these carmel apples. So she agreed to set some aside for him. Saturday he drove all the way to Phoenix to get them, he is too good to us!

Oh yes, i also woke up to this!

My mom thinks she is so funny....She is:)


  1. I crack myself up!! :-) Glad to see you are a blogger! Since I'm not allowed on Facebook! Love you Catherine!!

  2. im so JEALOUS of your carmel apple!! Is is bad that i want to order one for myself :)