Thursday, March 4, 2010

Aunt Catherine!

I love tons of people in this big world but no one comes close to my nieces and nephews! I would do anything for these little sweethearts. I have been there when all five of them were born, and saying i adore them all is an understatement! Don't get me wrong they arent angels all the time but thats why i love them so much. Here are the little monsters!

Mayli Ann Nielson

This little angel got me through my roughest times. She is the smartest little girl and I am amazed by her daily. Chasing her around and loving on her is the best.

Tori Lynn Nielson

She is my little bud im not quite sure how it happened but one day we just clicked, she calls me her best friend:) Her sweet voice cheers me up anyday!

Jaxen Ivan Hancock

This boy can make me laugh whenever i see him. He is so cute and everyone agrees! He just started to learn how to shout and he is pretty amazed with his voice and i am too!

Cash Nikolaus Hamblin-

This little minner is so darn cute! he is such a giggly happy baby and everytime i see him it makes my day! He is growing up so fast but he will always be my little man!

Zoe Jane Nielson-
Baby zoe is so precious! She is the best baby i have ever been around and just has such a sweet spirit! I am so sad they live so far from me!
To sum it up im the luckiest aunt ever!


  1. They are all so lucky to have you to love them! I love Aunt Catherine too!!

  2. Your such a good aunt any they all love you so much! it will be so fun when cash is a little older and he can talk to you when we skype!! Come see him soon he misses you!