Saturday, March 20, 2010

crapin fun.

So to start off springbreak i thought i would give myself a little project.... at the end of the day i realized how in over my head i was. But oh well, I had fun! this is what my bathroom turned into i think it looks quite nice!

The shower curtain was a little trickey, at one point i thought no i knew it was going to be perfect and i was sooo excited!

Then it was too short... of coarse!

But it turned out okay! i love it. i also think it looks better in person!
The plastic shower curtain buttons on the back! (by the way i made this up!)

New hooks on the wall!

I covered all the baskets with matching material and painted!

Ta da!! IM DONE! well for now.. I had so much fun doing this, after the first night i was sure i was in way over my head but it turned out looking good! Jessica helped me paint my mom helped me iron and barry hung things for me! Thanks for all the help! I even feel cuter when i get ready in there now because it is so cute around me!


  1. So freakin cute Cath! I am so impressed. You do such cute things when you get an idea in your head and just go with it, what a talent! You will have to help me when we get a house in Texas :) Love ya!

  2. Seriously - How could you be any cuter? It turned out GREAT! You rock!