Thursday, May 6, 2010

My mommma.

For anyone who knows my mom they know how great she is, of coarse.

Butt i just have to brag about her a little bit.

My mom is the most BEAUTIFUL person ever.

She has the most amazing smile . She wears little makeup and looks gorgeous. She is always tanner then me which isn't fair. She is always skinnier than me which isn't fair. She is always has style while wearing my clothes of coarse. Jessica and i always say we are glad we have a cute mom!

My mom is the most SELFLESS person ever.

Coming home from a long day at work she called a lady in my ward who is going through a hard trial and asked if she could bring her dinner the sister said yes and my mom whipped up some yummy dinner to take them.

Once she got there the sister was looking at cakes to buy for her daughters birthday on the internet. My mom asked why she wasn't just making them she replied i have no time for making cakes. So after a few seconds of debating they let my mom make a birthday cake for her.

So she went right home and made the best cupcakes ever from scratch and homemade frosting. she is the bomb.

My mom is the FUNNIEST person ever.

She is a nut thats pretty much all there is too it. She makes me laugh every day and most the time its for the silliest reasons. I have learned from her when times get hard learn to laugh!

My mom is the most AMAZING person ever.

Sometimes its scary how much we are alike but i have learned to accept it! She has been through so much and always comes out of her heartaches with a smile on her face and God by her side. Through everything she has taught me to stay close to the church and everything will work out. Im so greatful to have such an amazing mom!!

Happy Mothers Day!!


  1. I love you Catherine - You always make me feel good!

  2. This is all so true! We have such an amazing mother! You are such a good daughter to post about mom I am a loser haha!